6 de September de 2019

Solidarity company

How to help from your company

Businesses and organisations are a very important part of our social fabric. Thanks to these companies and organizers, there are many non-profit organisations that achieve their goals. Helping disadvantaged people at risk of social exclusion are ours.

You can help us bring quality education to these “young people in a vulnerable situation” in different ways.

Monetary donations

The monetary donations, timely or recurring, give us a stable financial base that allows us to guarantee training and professional practices that will be an integration tool for young people at risk of social exclusion.

Donation in kind

Technology, clothing, footwear, food, furniture, advertising spaces, services, etc. In-kind donations help us improve the equipment of our centers and complement the service we offer.

Solidarity initiatives

Organizing a breakfast, tournament, auction or outdoor activity are ways to raise awareness and raise money for social programs while sharing a good time with your colleagues.